Rockwood Flagpole Company


These cone tapered poles are manufactured from seamless 6063/T6 polished
aluminum tubing.  The cone tapered aluminum poles comes with a revolving
commercial cone style truck system complete with stainless steel ball bearings.
This allows your flag to fly freely while protecting it from theft or vandalism. These
poles have a base diameter of 4” to 10” butt diameter depending on the length of
the pole. Every cone tapered flagpole comes complete with a flat plate welded on
the bottom that can be mounted directly onto an existing rock or concrete surface.
These poles are most commonly used for commercial use.

Recommended Flag 45”x 90" and up, depending on length of pole.

Standard Features

•    Available in 25’, 30’, 35', and ; lengths
•    Cast aluminum cone style commercial revolving truck with internal halyard workings
•    Internally mounted cam action cleat
•    2 Brass flag snaps with snap covers
•    ¼” solid braid polyester halyard with cable centre
•    Plastisol coated counterweight
•    Nylon beaded retainer ring.(s)
•    Door with locking assembly

4" x 25' Cone Tapered Flagpole w/ int halyard   $1373.00
4" x 30' Cone Tapered Flagpole w/ int halyard   $1625.00
5" x 35' Cone Tapered Flagpole w/ int halyard   $1945.00
40' and larger flagpoles priced upon request

Buried setting template for above flagpoles $120.00

4" Flash Collar to cover mounting hardware $193.00
6" Flash Collar to cover mounting hardware $240.50
7" Flash Collar to cover mounting hardware $255.50

Installation quote available upon request

Installation quote available upon request.