Rockwood Flagpole Company


Buried Setting Template
This mount is used when you do not have an existing base to attach to.  You cement in this mount and once the cement has cured you remove the wooden template and attach your flagpole to the base.  This mount allows for easy adjustment should shifting occur. (Most commonly used with our Tapered Flagpoles)
Price $120.00

Mounting Hardware Kit
Kit includes 4 galvanized threaded rod pieces complete with washers and nuts. It also includes a wooden template. (Most commonly used with our Executive and Classic Flagpoles)
Price $69.99

Rock or Slab Mount
This mount is a plate used to attach your flagpole to rock,
wood or concrete. Manufactured in aluminum. All Classic, Executive and Tapered Flagpoles that we manufacture come standard with this mount attached to the base of the pole.
Price $39.99

Vertical MountThis mount is most commonly used to attach your flagpole to
a substantial vertical surface. Available in steel or aluminum
Price $39.99

Tilting Slab Mount
– By simply removing the pin you can tilt your flagpole
for easy removal or maintenance of the flag. Manufactured in steel or aluminum.
Price $125.00